I thought I’d put a bit about prognosis at the bottom so if you’re easily upset you can skip it.

I’m getting dabrafenib which is a selective inhibitor of melanoma, it’s slight guesswork until I get the full biopsy result but it’s reasonably likely the tumour has the right receptor (BRAF +ve) so the melanoma may regress and definitely suppress with this treatment.
So prognosis wise they/I think I’ve got about 4 months if they do nothing. If I’m BRAF positive this should add around 18 months, but this crucially gives me time to take another treatment called ipilimumab an immunotherapy which for around 20% of patients see very dramatic reduction in disease however it takes around 4-6 months to start working hence the other treatment first. So it’s not great but there’s a decent chunk of hope. Furthermore the longer I tick over the more drug trials could come up new drug for melanoma are being tested all the time
I’m going to live forever or die trying.


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