Dabrafenib diaries

As many of you know my life increasing/enhancing medication dabrafenib comes with some issues especially when you’re as anal as me about taking it. I take it twice a day at ten, this is because you can’t eat for two hours before taking it and an hour after. This works perfectly in the morning, I have breakfast and depending how I’m feeling go back to bed. In the evening it has proved a more troublesome, especially as I’m eating out more than ever, those three thousand calories don’t consume themselves. Early on I had to wait until half twelve, because some after dinner chocolates were on the table at home and I picked at them (old habits die hard).

After the long journey to Luxembourg on Sunday we arrived in the hotel pretty late. Tired from the journey I was eager to not wait up. We were recommended a nice Greek restaurant around the corner. Whilst sitting down I knew my mum would be eagerly searching for anything the menu without tomatoes, as soon as the waiter arrived I broke rank, left her deciding, and politely asked the waitress for a moussaka. Then directed her to go to the kitchen straight away to ask for it. I hastily explained that there was a good reason for this, but her judging eyes turned this conscientious 27 year old patient into a hungry obstinate teenager.

Considering I felt better after just two doses, I shouldn’t complain.


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