A Life in the Shade

Wear sunscreen
“If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it” as goes the song. But which one. I’ll tell you  which one I use from my own meandering experience as it is a question I’ve been asked occasionally over the last ten years. This is after all because my risk of another melanoma was very high and sun exposure is associated with melanoma. So which one, I haven’t tried all the brands and please note I have no conflicts of interest. However over the years I’ve perfected my technique, which has only failed once, and that was jet skiing for an hour in Belize. I was quite pissed off afterwards, but it was just a little reddening and went away in the morning. On advice from a friendly pharmacist I was recommended P20 sunscreen. It goes up to factor 50 and actually lasts all day, and is pretty waterproof albeit not immune from spray from a 40 mile an hour jet ski. Despite the assurances on the packaging that it lasts for ten hours, I’ll typically reapply after going in water and after about five hours or so. Further to this depending on the day I’ll use another sunscreen on top any old brand to top up every three hours or so. The further applications are in case I’ve missed a bit. The major drawback is that P20 stains any white clothes a subtle yellow colour, so wear colourful clothing and have a shower before you change. 
It’s my personal opinion that sun cream is the only anti ageing cream that actually works, if you really want a tan, get it sprayed on. 
Warning: Your colleagues may forget to ask you about your holiday on your return to work.


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