Of Engagement 

Happy New Year everyone. A year ago today I proposed to Georgie and just wanted to share these videos. It has been absolutely amazing and she has been the greatest support for me over the last year and beyond. We’re one of a few couples who have been engaged longer than they were going out and probably one of a few couples who got engaged on the Royal Marsden steps. Georgie gave up everything to be with me, she could have gone out with anyone, someone much easier, she’d already made her life tough giving up on her already successful career as a Speech and Language Therapist in London and switching to do a medical degree. Going out with me put a lot of stress on herself and her ambitions. I love you Georgie, I’ll never forget how much you’ve given me…because you’ve given me life. 

Below are two videos. The first I showed Georgie before proposing. My Dad sent me the second video about a week after the engagement. Enjoy.




5 thoughts on “Of Engagement 

  1. Dr Matk & Georgie ❤️️
    I didn’t want to cry today but I’ve watched the films and unfortunately I am. Such an amazing beautiful couple, your story is like an unreal love story and should be a film, love story of the year only true.
    Take care both.
    Sue xxx


    1. Dr Mark ,Re reading the blogs , I’m so happy you’ve to seen your goal achieved , it’s not permission for you to go! Ii know that you are brave and that everyone who knows your name wants you to be a miracle that wins the fight , and your love story with Georgie ended like a fairytale where the princess comes along gives you a kiss, cures you, marries you,and lives happily ever after, If only this was a fairytale. How have you been so brave and selfless , when all I’d want to do is scream ? Strangely when my mother in law was diagnosed with terminal cancer my husband said to her “Cancer gave you a sense of humour ” and like you she was brave but unlike yourself she had had more life at 67 ,, and she worried for the younger patients she met in the Osboune Building. You’ve been dealt a bad hand and made a legacy , I just wish you were a 107 and not 27. On one hand I wish I’d never come accross your name in the news then I wouldn’t be this upset , on the other it’s a privilege and I’m honoured to know the name Dr Mark Sims and that if it wasn’t for selfless brave individuals there’d be no money raised for cancer research , and maybe my own husband wouldn’t be here today. Thinking of you Dr Mark, Georgie, all your family and friends. Love a devastated follower, Sue P xxx


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