Of ‘a Memorial for Dr Mark Sims in Leicester’


Leicester University meant a lot to Mark. It was the place he trained to be a doctor, made many good friends and the place he revisited in March 2015 and met the love of his life Georgie . So it was fitting that the lovely people at the Alumni association made it possible for us to host a wonderful memorial event for Mark at the university on Saturday 25th February.
The day itself was so special. Friends from many parts of Mark’s life, school, explorer scouts,university, work, hospitals, rugby team, CRUK and social social media gathered with us his family to tell stories, pay tribute and simply remember the lovely, kind, funny, and inspirational person Mark was.
We laughed hard through much of it and cried too.
If you want to see a video of the ceremony pleas ask.




One thought on “Of ‘a Memorial for Dr Mark Sims in Leicester’

  1. This is the first memorial we had ever been too , I don’t like saying it was enjoyable but it was, as it was also very sad , Dr Mark being lost to you all. If he had been 88 instead of 28 the loss to you all would more acceptable. If life is to be celebrated once we go then Dr Mark , remarkable man, loved by many was celebrated with love , laughter, tears and smiles , but the smile lighting up the whole auditorium came from the screen ! Xx
    Sue P xx


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