A fine collection of visitors

I had plenty of great friends and family come to see me in Kingston. With a cheeky chance to play Catan on my bed, for those who don’t know I’m a board game fiend. With seriously dedicated help from my favourite IFA and teacher plus their awesome girlfriends. Bradshaw actually moved all my stuff from Kingston to The Marsden.

But nothing could prepare me (or the ward) for the sheer number of visitors I had that weekend.
I wish I had started a guest book at the beginning just to keep track of who was there and when. Bizarrely I’ve had one of best weeks of my life since the diagnosis.

The Bristol boys firmly took over the day room, and on saturday the pub. Seeing my two favourite LMRFC probs surrounding my mum will always be in my mind. The C dog was allowed to stay overnight on the Friday night holding my hand!? reminding him there were no barriers between us this time.


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