The Bucket List

  • See everyone

Since being diagnosed people have been asking me what is on my bucket list. Even on day 3 my IFA friend asked me I think just after waking from a opiate soaked nap, “what is in my bucket list?”. My reponse was “I want to go to Leicester!” Not quite the grandiose response he was looking for. However I stand by my first decision and it is firmly on the list. Quickly people asked me via text etc. whether they would come and visit I insist on a hive of activity around me, and I still do. I want to spend my time seeing all the people that matter to me, not spend day to day twiddling my thumbs, which is an endless list. So watch this space for ElecTOUR reunion (my elective reunion) and a rave in Leicester

  • Leicester  

I feel everyone should have their own bucket list as we are all mortal. As I’ve always been wary that my cancer could spread at any time I had things that I’ve wanted to do for ages. The fundraising it was actually something I’d meant to do countless times and should’ve done. However writing the just giving page when I was at my lowest and pouring my heart out seems to have resonated with a lot of people. (Thank you ).

  • Be a best man

Being given the diagnosis that I have, obviously focuses the mind. In the same way I’ve always wanted to help people from my secondary school get into medicine. Something again I’ve never got around to doing, but I will they just don’t know it yet. So if you’re reading this get out and do that thing! I really wanted to go to Glastonbury and thankfully I ticked it off last year.

  • Let Dave win at chess

I want my bucket list to keep changing too. I’ve had some offers that I’ve never had since the news has come. I’ve been invited to speak at Westminster school prior to their charity weekend to raise money, thanks to my friend who is a teacher there. Then, I am not one hundred percent sure this will happen, but I’ve been invited to meet a Rabbi regarding my Jewish heritage.

  • Complete the EU

The only real grand and slightly weird ambition that I have is to go to all the countries in the EU, as I’m painfully close to going to all 28 before I’m 28 years old. The plan is to get to Luxembourg any old how, then organise a trip to Malta with anyone who wants to and definitely Dave so we will both have completed the set as we land in the airport.

  • Write a blog like its a column in The Sun

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