Of Health

I realised I haven’t actually said much about my health for a while. So here’s an update. Since starting dabrafenib I’ve improved a lot, I now look and feel better than I did the whole of February albeit I was pretty well and was able to run ten miles. My only symptom at the moment is perhaps fatigue, but this may be secondary to the lethargy of being out of work, the drug, the disease or most likely a combination of all three. In the last three weeks I’ve cycled 25 miles and walked eight only yesterday in Dartmoor. So I’m well. I’m not on any painkillers and the cough has stopped. At my last appointment the LDH was still in normal range (reminder: the marker of disease activity) , and my liver function was normal apart from a gamma GT which was continuing to slowly fall. I was concerned about being so honest about how well I am, because work might want me back, but speaking to most people from work and elsewhere they think I’m mad even considering it. I’ve got a CT next week with the results soon after. Here’s my plan, the CT is very likely to have show a good response, I say likely as medicine doesn’t always make sense, then I’ll go back to work. Personally I don’t and didn’t want to go back if the treatment was going to change sooner rather than later, which would be the case if the CT doesn’t show an adequate response. 


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