Of Leicester

So If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know my first request after diagnosis was to go to good old Leicester. Well I’m a Leicesterophile if there was ever such a thing. It despite it’s reputation is an alright place to look at if you’re being very selective about where you go. I stayed near New Walk, in the Silver Fox’s flat,  a pedestrian only walk way that bisects most of the southern part of the city centre. It’s by far the nicest part of an otherwise grey city centre. What Leicester has is familiarity, I’d be able to advise anyone on a great day out, as after 6 years you really know a small place like that. 

I invited myelf up to talk at Leicester university because LUSUMA (the medical society) had done some fundraising for me and I thought it would be nice to put a face to a name instead of just being that sick guy. I was late for my speech, well I guess the speech can’t be late as my attendance was vital, but a delayed start. This is completely due to my Norfolk friend. He had over slept from his nightshift, overslept is harsh as he’d only had 3 hours sleep. But he was due to pick me up at 2 pm . I arrived at his flat, with him shouting at me, because he thought a delivery driver had woken him up, I was in my stig style scooter helmet*. I was put on to his insurance with the idea that I’d drive up whilst he slept. But to be honest I was too angry. I hate being late plus the embarrassment of delaying my own talk.

The talk went down very well, like any speech that I’ll do I asked a couple of people to critique it first. Albeit I started too quickly because I was flustered, but as soon as I clicked to slides I had practiced a lot I got into full flow. The general consensus it was informative, poignant and humorous in that order. My summary slide which said “I have stage 4 cancer –> the worst stage. I have the worst type of cancer” caused a very quiet stir across the room. After the talk we went to two bars in the second joining the final years celebrating having just finished their last medical school exams. A lot of people came up and thanked me for the talk, unfortunately I offended a couple who insisted I new them, but it had been a while! We took the opportunity to go to the union and had a great night.

 The next day a contingent of us al got our hair cut together with my old barbers (men’s haircutters on London road), the barber insisted instead of paying to donate to the cause. This was followed by Blaby mini golf cheeky hole in one by both me and my former emo friend, then meal at Chutney Ivy. On the Sunday, brunch at bar dos and a coffee and fingerprints then home. I’ve listed everywhere as they’ll some of the best things to do in Leceister but please add the National Space Centre and Bradgate park to that list. 

 *I now drive a 2005 Vespa something which surprises some people more than my diagnosis.


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